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Happy tan and white bull dog

We are excited about our NEW OFFERING!

Sassy Pooch High Teas



Covid changed the world Sassy Pooch High Teas came from a lesson I learnt that life is far too short and businesses needed to adapt quickly. More so, our dogs became more important to us than ever!

I alas wasn't so lucky and didn't have a Sassy Pooch to mooch with! However in the past I had Kimba – a sassy golden cocker spaniel that I would make up all sorts of excuses or beg to stay at home if he couldn't come on a family outing.

In those days we didn't have groomers or the choice of treats we have today. We take them to doggy day care, we dress them up for the cold, rainy days and theme days.  They even have their own fashion line! We insure them and they can travel up and down Aotearoa in their own bus coach. Some have their own Social Media accounts and TV shows just to name a few...  Nothing too over the top!!

If Kimba were here today he would have been the face of Sassy Pooch High Teas. He would have had the finest China and the poshest nosh...I loved him to bits xx

Sassy Pooch is a celebration business in memory of Kimba, and all his other living Sassy Pooch mates that don't have a minute to waste.


Remember life is too short to get too worried over stuff!

When ordering for you and your Sassy Pooch please state the following:

  • SP - Sassy Pooch Name (e.g. SP Rusty, or SP Molly)

  • GG - for human high teas

  • date required

  • how many pooches

  • boy/girl

  • Options: birthday cake, celebration box or cupcake

  • address if delivery required

I don't do dietary requirements but there is a list of ingredients I use for your perusal, most are gluten free.

We love to recycle. Individual high teas are served on bone China and wrapped in cellophane to look fancy (just like the Good Gracious high teas, unless you stipulate) and come with a Sassy Pooch Menu.

All our Sassy Pooch platters are for our Pooch clients only. These are sterilised and washed after each use, and are NOT used for Humans.

Our Kitchen is MPI certified and also TCC registered. And our Menu has been verified by our local NZ qualified Veterinarian.

If a platter breaks - so what. As long as your pooch is ok its not the end of the world. We don't charge for
breakages, but you could purchase a replacement if you wanted.

No minimum order required only for delivery.

Pick up – delivery options available for orders over 15pooches/humans.

Sassy Pooch Celebration Boxes are packed into food safety boxes and come with a Sassy Pooch Menu.


All menu items are cooked on site. It's a pleasure to use new and innovative  products that are NZ owned and dog friendly, as listed below. Thank you, we are a creative nation xx. 

Apple sauce, chicken stock, pumpkin puree, carob, cheese, oat flour, brown rice flour, peanut butter, olive oil, eggs, low fat cream cheese, yoghurt, berries. nutritional yeast, coconut flour, selection of vegetables, chicken breast, Scoop Dog jelly, Alfa Bees raw honey. Bon Appétit/ ruff ruff!

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Golden retriever eating a blue icing muffin from his owner's hand
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