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French bulldog puppy wearing  party cap blows into party horn,

Sassy Pooch High Tea!

Happiness is a warm puppy. – Charles M. Schulz 
...and High Tea!

We're excited to announce our NEW to our offering - Sassy Pooch High Tea.

Grab your friends, bring your pooches and have a tea party for the dogs!

Denise Buschor is the owner and creator of Good Gracious High Tea - Creating unique Celebrations for Tauranga humans... REALLY.

Apparently Denise loves creating and now serves Unique Celebrations for us Sassy pooches who love to enjoy posh cuisine and can celebrate with our human mates... SHES BARKING ON TO IT.

Denise has whipped up our very own pooch High tea menu using fresh ingredients fit for us and our human mates... WE COME AS A PACK.

Just like human high teas these are small portion treats but you get 5 different flavours... PAWSOME, WHERE?

So our human mates pick up our high tea from Good Gracious or get delivery options from their MPI registered Kitchen, and it's all freshly baked by our chef Denise... WE DONT LIFT A PAW!

At Good Gracious Denise loves recycling. Our High Teas are beautifully presented on fine China cake stands and wrapped like a gift... I KID YOU NOT. Only the finest for us posh pooches.


We can even invite our human mum or dad and celebrate a high tea together... HOW SASSY IS THAT!

Kimba would love to know he is taking care of his Sassy mates that haven't been so lucky in life. We have teamed up with Vada Angels Animal Rescue in Tauranga and a portion of each order will be going to support them to a second chance.

Sassy Pooch High Tea Menu

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Good Gracious High Tea tiered cake stand with cakes and sandwiches

Sassy Pooch Celebration Box

Great for a pack of sassy pooches... PLEASE MUM, ALL MY POOCH MATES ARE DOING IT (Human language for party box!) Ideal for birthdays, pooch outings, doggy day care, funerals... 

  • Berry meringue treats

  • Apple, cheddar and turmeric crisps

  • Carob cupcake topped with carob ganache and sprinkles

  • Peanut butter cookie

  • Sassy Pooch Pillow (pav for humans but without the sugar)

$35 per pooch (no minimum)

Vintage cake stand - $20 (I WANT THE WORKS!)

Doggy Hot Choccy  - $10 (YAP YAP) comes in a takeaway cup, add 150ml warm water, stir, shake, serve, SLURP! comes with a treat on top! (just like Mums)

HERE'S A PAWSOME IDEA - shout your mates a box full of fresh goodies baked locally with pick up or delivery options... just like humans!

Leaf swirl vector pattern

Sassy Carob Cupcakes

$10 per carob cupcake (L)... I PROMISE NOT TO BARK...WOOF WOOF

Leaf swirl vector pattern

Sassy Carob 6inch double-decker cake

$70 - served on fine English china. HI PAWS...  and Denise will show you how to cut so we can feed all our mates!

Leaf swirl vector pattern

And if we want to invite our human mum or dad they can get a human high tea for $45per person including the works. Now that's sassy!

They also have VOUCHERS starting from $50 so we can give to our sassy mates!

for an absolutely first class sassy pooch dining experience!

Cocker Spaniel dog eating a dog theme birthday cake against a white background
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